Organizing Committee
Dirk's research focuses on how social dimensions influence language and NLP engineering decisions. He has published on ethics in NLP in general, and on bias and dual use problems in particular. Dirk is an organizer of the EMNLP 2016 workshop on NLP+CSS.
Dirk Hovy

Associate Professor
University of Copenhagen
Shannon Spruit

Postdoctoral Researcher
Philosophy of Technology, 
Delft University of Technology
Shannon's research is on engineering ethics and, in particular, on responsible development in nanoscience and nanotechnology, information technologies, and the energy sector. Shannon co-authored a paper with Dirk on the social impact of NLP at ACL 2016.
Margaret's research focuses on how to evolve AI toward long-term social benefit, bringing in machine learning and cognitive psychology.  
She also organizes the Women and other Underrepresented Genders in NLP lunch, and the WiNLP workshop.

Margaret Mitchell

Senior Research Scientist
Research & Machine Intelligence,
Hanna Wallach

Senior Researcher 

Microsoft Research NYC
Adjunct Associate Professor 
UMass Amherst 
Hanna's research is on ML and NLP for social science. As a complement to this agenda, she also studies issues of fairness, accountability, and transparency in ML.
She has co-organized two of the three FATML workshops, and also co-founded the annual Women in Machine Learning Workshop, which is now in its eleventh year.
Michael's research focuses on discourse processing and using discourse aspects in NLP applications. He teaches at the University of Heidelberg on the risks of NLP, and also gives talks to a broader public on this same issue. Michael served as Program Committee Co-chair for ACL-IJCNLP in 2015.
Michael Strube

Group Leader NLP, Scientific Director
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies gGmbH
Emily's research focuses on grammar engineering, sociolinguistic variation, how linguistic knowledge can improve NLP systems, and how computational methods can serve linguistic analysis.  She founded the Computational Linguistics MS department at the University of Washington, and is the LSA's delegate to the ACL. 
Emily M. Bender

Professional MS in
Computational Linguistics